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Fireplace Tools   
Fire Place Tool Set 
Our fireplace sets are available in many unique, hand forged, options.

Each tool can be purchased individually or in any combination of tools up to a 5 piece set as shown to the left.

The tools shown in this set are - from left to right.



Ash Rake

Log Tongs

Hooked Poker

Our standard fireplace tools are 30" long and made from solid 1/2" steel.

To place an order for any of our fireplace tools or sets you can use this worksheet to help make your selections.  Click here to view the worksheet.

The picture to the right is one of our brooms being tied onto it's handle - showing how we braid the upper broom corn to form the interesting pattern at the top of the broom tie.

All of these items are made by us in our workshop located in Marengo, Iowa.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Price for set as shown above $392.05 plus shipping


Toilet Paper Stand  
Toilet Paper Stand     

The toilet paper stand starts with a heavy base made from 1/4" thick steel that has been given a "peened" texture to add character to the base.

The base is lined with cork on the bottom to avoid any scratching or sliding on delicate floors.

The upright is made from 1/2" square steel and has a Sheppard's crook hook at the top.

The dispenser is made with a simple "drop load" design to make it so simple to reload that anyone can do it.   [We are not saying they will though.]

Price $70.98

This item is handcrafted by us in our Marengo Iowa workshop.