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NOTICE- If you have recently bought knives or cutlery from a show in Florida from a company using Custom Cutlery as their name, it is NOT us!

To report problems with their imported knives, badly done personalization or knife blocks that fall over when the knives are all in it - you need to contact them at (321)725-2101 or go to their website

In the last few days we have had numerous calls asking us to deal with multiple problems that have occurred with this company and the products they are selling.   

We have been doing business as Custom Cutlery, Inc. since 5/19/1993 and this company started using Custom Cutlery, LLC in 2013.

Ordering information - Our knives are hand made ... the people attached to these hands sometimes need to sleep.

We work long hours 7 days a week to produce our knives for you, but please do not assume that we will have all knives in stock and ready to ship the same day you order. If you need a knife by a certain date please call us @ 1-319-741-3199 (9am - 5 pm CDT) to check our inventory before ordering.

If we need to produce your knife, it may take us a few days to do so before it will be ready to ship to you.

Thank You from the hard working knife makers at Custom Cutlery :)

We generally work with 2 primary types of steel.  The first is our high carbon stainless steel. This steel is formulated to give excellent edge holding ability while maintaining the beautiful shine of stain free steel.  This is used in our kitchen knives, our fillet and boning knives, and our ulu knives.

The second steel we work with is a high carbon "spring" steel known as 1095.  This steel gives our knives an extra strong, extra tough, edge holding ability, but does not have the stain free feature of our first steel.  We use this steel mainly on our hunting and sporting knives.  Since 1095 spring steel is not a stainless steel, we finish the blade with a matte gray finish known as "Parkerizing".  This durable finish helps the blade resist tarnish and rust.

Our handles are made from a material called "Dymondwood" ®. This is a very colorful wood that is made from thin hardwood veneers that have been dyed and pressed together, with a strong bonding resign, to form plywood like sheets of multicolored woods.  This is how we are able to get such exotic color patterns in our finished handles.

  Our website offers secure online ordering and a very simple shopping cart system which allows you to make changes easily before you go to the final check out.

Our shopping cart is also programmed to automatically calculate your shipping based on package weight, your shipping selection, and your zip code for better accuracy.
         TC's Gourmet all purpose seasoning
   (Available in Original or Hot)

             TC's Seasoning
            Click the picture to enlarge

   These custom blends are both Low Sodium and are perfect on just about
   everything you eat ... Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Vegetables and even popcorn.

   Price $6.95 plus postage
   Save when you order by the case!

   To read the full labels click here - Original label  -  Hot label

Original or Hot

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